Yoga & Moving Meditation

Asana Yoga, Walking Meditation and Other Movement
Years ago I was taught that sitting meditation is a physical practice as much as it is anything else. I  have come to feel this is true! Asana yoga can be quite the same as sitting meditation, only we are holding a body mudra each time – these Mudras (Asanas)  can be a non-conceptual prayer or offering.

My current approach: we come to a state  of “meditation” then try to bring that into  yogasana, meditating during the hold.   In the hold we are aware of sensations and also aware of our consciousness and the wordless “prayer” that the asana is suggesting.

We try  to remain in meditation when moving to the next asana, and then do another mini meditation during the hold of the next asana.   In Zen we do this with alternating sets of sitting meditation and walking meditation.    These both have the same goal of practicing to bring  what we find on the mat into all the other “postures” of our life.  It is  a gradual cultivation, over time learning to connect the dots .

Coming at it from a different side, moving asana yoga or practices such as Qigong move energy and spreads our awareness throughout our body zone by zone or as a whole moving through space, finding peace in the center of it all.  Movement that leads to stillness.