Bowing & Fasting

Buddhists do it, Muslims do it, pretty much all religions do some form of it.  Even if you do not belong to a religion, if you really felt touched or a deep respect in a special moment you might be inclined to bow to someone or something.   I teach this  as a practice, adaptable to many needs – contemplation, appreciation, increasing humility, grief or remorse, learning to listen and as a physical exercise.  We all have these needs at one time or another.

There is a story about a monk who made it his life practice to bow constantly, and someone asked why he did that as his only practice. He said “I’m trying to get one of them right”. I really resonate with that. How often we say thanks and are left with the feeling we could have “meant it” more. Personally, I’m still working on that, and encourage others to join me if that turns your crank.

This can go even beyond learning to change eating habits, losing weight, or cleaning out physical toxicity. A potential breakthrough starts to happen when you don’t miss eating, and you begin to feel you are made of light, residing in air and space!  It has been only five days and you notice your body pain is gone, you  are not listless, joints are so supple it’s as if you have done a year of daily yoga.   And  your urine turns crystal clear. Your physical and mental energy seems double as when you were eating. These start the realization of liberation from the entirely physical “feed the machine” perspective and opens up a whole new way of seeing things. Expansion!

If you eat not so good now, you would need to lighten up and clean up a bit first, then do 1, 2, 3 , day liquid fasts.  Once you are eating fairly cleanly and have done some 3-day fasts – the 10 day master cleanse can take  you to a whole new place of healing and awareness including fixing things that have been “off” or “broken” for a long time –  physically and otherwise!