Class Descriptions

Japa Chanting -Mantra As Mudra
– 2 hour workshop followed by an optional 40–day group practice, supported by weekly meetings. One mantra will be focused on for an entire series.

Meditation 101
– 3 sessions over three weeks.  posture, breathing, 3 ways to put the mind. Setting up a home practice.

Meditation 202
3 sessions over 3 weeks.  Natural Luminescense – the Ground of Meditation.  Developing a view of source, purpose and your own path.

The Three Jewels of Buddhism
3 sessions over 3 weeks. Buddha Dharma Sangha as Peace, Love and Joy -a basis of Buddhist practice applicable to any path.

Vedic Pooja & Advaita part 1 -Diety practice
-2 sessions -building an altar and chanted teachings/prayers, cultivating devotion and insight using symbols of qualities we aspire to

Vedic Pooja & Advaita part 2 : non-dualism practice
-2 sessions – Chanting and contemplating direct connection to out True Self in all things.

Bowing Meditation
-2 sessions. 1) working with remorse, grief, and humility 2) working with will and contemplation.

Walking Meditation
-2 sessions. learning to move meditation awareness from sitting still to moving about as a metaphor for Acharya training -being awake at all times.

Metta Bhavana Meditation 
-4 sessions – increasing our love capacity and filling the world with it

Music Appreciation
1 to 3 sessions – finding spiritual themes in popular music.  Bring in music with your thoughts and we’ll open it all up. A meditation portion will be included

Visualization Meditation
2 sessions identifying where you wish to go next then choosing a visualization to move towards it

Expansion Meditation
-1 session.  A simple technique to personal and universal natural expansion.

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