What Is Learning?


” Our education system focuses entirely on sharpening the intellect. The enrichment of the quality of the emotions has receded to the background. This produces incomplete human beings. ” – Sanjoy Mukharjee

““And certainly we should take care not to make the intellect our god… the intellect has a sharp eye for methods and tools but it is blind to ends and values.” – Albert Einstein

These days, even as an individual working person, we are told we need to promote our “brand”.  Among other things we need to show that we “know” things. It’s not easy  for most people to discern how much another person knows.

Formal education, on it’s surface, can seem convincing. We’ve come to value it to such an extent that employers require much more education even for entry positions,  and the general public has come to trust heavily degreed people’s ideas.

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Equanimous Resonance

Equanimous Resonance
Reveals Clear, Loving Mind Body and Heart,
Where Everything Works Together.

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Based on Patanjali’s work from Northern India, about 2000 years ago,
and practice of related disciplines for some decades,
 I believe healing and happiness,
 of interest to both healers and clients
comes from genuinely connecting socially
 AND transpersonally,
meaning, finding that GOD-space or Superconscious space that we belong to like waves of an ocean, sharing the ocean

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Almost Everything Goes Away

Almost everything goes away

I’ve collected all your hearts
And followed through as best I could
But all of you are gone now, save a few
Like gorgeous drops of dew you fade, and I will too

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Meditation 101 – 202



Meditation 101 – 202. 3 sessions over 4 weeks – meditation method facilitated by Gary Justice in Toronto downtown west.

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Hara Breathing For Fun & Profit

Gary Justice presentation to Samagra CYA Meditation Teacher Training Program at Bliss Haven Retreat Centre (July 16, 2012).  http://www.InAmongEverything.wordpress.com

Hara Breathing for Fun and Profit
An Overview of Insight Meditation

Premise – true relaxation naturally leads to meditation, measurable by awareness of abdominal breathing.

Here we mean meditation as described in Patanjali’s “Eight Limbs of Yoga” found in The Yoga Sutras. This is a state or stage of the meditation process that is after “concentration” and before “Samadhi”.

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Make Your Practice Your Own.

It is proposed in some lineages of Tibetan Buddhism that one entering meditation should choose an object of observation that will help to quell their most habitual tendency.

In his book “Calm Abiding and Special Insight” (1998)  Lama Geshe Gedun Lodro  interpret’s Atisha’s “Lamp For the Path to Enlightenment” (11th Century) as saying that there are two types of meditators. Continue reading

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