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One beautiful young fish said to a beautiful older fish,   “Everyone’s talking about this thing called “water” but I can’t really see it – do YOU think it exists?”

The wise fish said: “Water  is everywhere, in and among everything – you are breathing it, and without it we wouldn’t be here”.
“ I still don’t really get it”.
“Don’t worry little fish – one day you will ..” said the wise fish and she swam off leaving a stream of bubbles, lit by the golden sunlight from above.
Simple meditation practices from ancient roots can  help us open to the Intimate, Immediate, Spontaneous, Obvious.  We get to know ourselves.  Our heart opens.  We come to see and appreciate how things work and what we can do.  We become more authentic. We know how to  be with ourselves and others more genuinely.

I’d like to sing you this wonderful Sanskrit mantra that comes from Jivasu,  a contemporary teacher of enlightenment.  It describes the human life process :

Naturality Mantra

Dharma Deeham Dharma Manas Dharma Buddhi Atman/
Dharma Priya Jan Dharma Serva Jan Dharma Desh Dharma Dhara
Dharma Neeham Dharma Ekam Dharma Hee Gatisheelta
Dharma Jivan Dharma Chetan Dharma Hee Anand Param

“Tuning body mind and soul to the natural order of things, one can hear the universal sound of All things. Acting from this to support all others, one uncovers the bliss that cannot be removed.”

This is not about philosophy, belief or academic study.  It is a pointing to things from a broader heart-perspective and reduced barriers that make life seem dry or difficult.  It is an applied practice of doing thinking and feeling, allowing our natural path and our innate enlightened nature to unfold.