Give Me The Broken Ones

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Give Me The Broken Ones

I’ll take the broken ones, for they have longing

They are dangling from bare branches, dancing in the wind
Still thirsty, fully alive in the cold, like evergreens in winter
While the rest of us slumber, slightly less in rainy weather

The broken ones, they know what it is to love
With heart’s fortitude they keep their joy stoked high
And they carry the others, too comfortable to feel

Give me the broken ones to hold, I want to dance with them, I want to live them

For they can hear the beat that moves us
When they give they are generous

Theirs is a gentle fire
And even when it roars its easy to forgive
Because their pain is obvious, as is their courage

From them we try to learn
But only mimic dance moves they created,
Too distracted by pleasantries to pay attention long enough

The broken ones they never lose the trail
‘Coz they need it – it is their survival
Theirs is a world of silver linings,
Golden pathways unexpected

Not to worry, all of us will have a turn in this life of gain and loss
We too will be broken, just enough to sing authentic melodies

There’s no escape from love.


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