Doormats & Dharma


Zoe is very sweet and gentle. She is in her later years. Zoe has “kindney failure”. Several allopathic vets focussed on statistical biochemical approaches and suggested pharmaceutical interventions. We tried some.  It was all very rushed. This didn’t help. Zoe remained skinny, listless, at times critically disoriented and distressed.

Then we found a naturopathic/homeopathic vet,  Dr. McCutcheon in Toronto, who asked if she had a nice place to sit, with a good view. He asked if she gets enough love and attention. Dr. McCutcheon prescribed electrolyte water, to be administered at home sub-cutaneously (with a drip bag and needle),  B-Complex, homepathics, and a Bach Flower remedy.

In days Zoe was better. Gained weight and energy, purring, reduced her peeing outside the box, and stopped falling over. It was so sad to see her lying like a puddle, as if she might die. And now she was running up the stairs to greet me when I came in the door.

The daily routine of washing the things she leaks on while sleeping, giving her the medicines, cleaning the catbox, washing the floors, airing out the apartment and spending long periods petting her – is formidable. But we’re able to maintain a clean, fresh environment.  I couldn’t have done it without the help of my best friend and roommate Renee, who gives Zoe at least as much attention and care as I. The other roommmates are kindly towards her as well. I only hope I have this much support when I am ageing!

Zoe still pees outside the box a quarter of the time, and almost daily, poos on the doormat where I enter and leave the home. She especially does this if I stay out too long.

As I was replacing the laundered doormat today, it became clear that love, duty and loyalty are a sweet engagement. It is taught by zen master Venerable Samu Sunim, that Dharma, the second of the “Three Jewels” of Buddhism means love. The unchanging laws of the universe that animate the service of things. The sun warms the earth, the mother feeds her baby.

May Zoe have joy in her final days, may all beings be able to take in the love that comes to them, and may we all increase our capacity to give it. Thank-you to Zoe, all the pets and animals and all beings for opening our hearts with their sweetness and vulnerability.


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