Equanimous Resonance

Equanimous Resonance
Reveals Clear, Loving Mind Body and Heart,
Where Everything Works Together.

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Based on Patanjali’s work from Northern India, about 2000 years ago,
and practice of related disciplines for some decades,
 I believe healing and happiness,
 of interest to both healers and clients
comes from genuinely connecting socially
 AND transpersonally,
meaning, finding that GOD-space or Superconscious space that we belong to like waves of an ocean, sharing the ocean

By finding the state of
uncluttered centred-ness,
in body, mind and heart,
the true nature of being
emerges as all systems converge, 
even for a timeless moment.
If we can find our way in,
it is experienced more than “understood”,
and from here a profound remembering is activated, 
which we naturally carry with us,
in our body, heart and mind,
beyond the practice session itself.
This equanimous resonance,
we find through sound, silence, breath, stillness, awarenes of body and of each other’s presence
is a portal to that which facilitates healing and happiness,

which in the end is one and the same.


When properly situated, it happens by itself, uncomplicated.
It doesn’t rely much on methods, labeled pathologies, evidence based statistics or DSM’s.
Like birth and death, we cannot outsmart it, take bits of it.
Nor can we grasp it with thinking alone or induce it with substances.
What is required is humility,
bringing your beginners mind, your longing body and sincere heart.
Only there, at the beginning steps do we need to use methods lightly
and only to help ourselves away from the patterned habits of how we have come to hold ourselves, especially since the “Age of Reason”.

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