Coldplay’s lyrics seem to point us to the feeling of  things in a “beyond” kind of way.  To me it’s about personal discovery of the spiritual aspect of  human condition.   Although written in an impressionistic style with language open to interpretation,  does it arise from something specific?

During a period where I was immersed in Buddhist meditation practice, Cold Play’s songs all appeared to be about inward journey from a Buddhist perspective. It seemed like the things I was dealing with were being exactly described, so I was inclined to think they are meditator  Buddhists or something very close to it.

Do others on a different path identify theirs in the same way?  The lyrics (written wide open enough to be variously interpret-able) and the in-flight, freedom feeling of their sound seem to be about discovery of the human condition and resonance of the entire universe through meditation practice and meditation insight.  And specifically from a Buddhist/non-dualistic approach….

The way our culture in the west has shaped up, our  equivalent of spiritual masters/gurus  in India are  found among our artists, our authors, our personal coaches, top yoga teachers and others, but especially our music artists, poets, painters, etc.  We have had  some following of Jesus, but that got rather messed up. Christianity didn’t develop in such a way as to teach personal cultivation of knowing deep truth. Every day priests and ministers did not by and large feel like they felt their own inspired insight.  So now we look  to artists and others, many of whom have genuinely deep and helpful things to share.

Check out what Cold Play are saying and see what you think! Is it about meditation? Buddhism? Non-dualistic insight? Before you answer – it is universally taught that one cannot appreciate the meditation journey without practicing it.  You cannot “think” into it or make an accurate academic observation.  The things revealed in meditation go beyond concept and are said to be impossible to explain, but many masters try.  I think Cold Play does a good job of trying.


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