Oneness Manifesto


We live at Brockton Loft

Four floors of peace-wishing

Among birds and trees

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Give Me The Broken Ones

sad girl2

Give Me The Broken Ones

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Darshan and Shaktipat

mother meera e1
M o t h e r    M e e r a


Darshan (“viewing”) means being in the radiating presence of a holy person, or “realized” being. Continue reading

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Food And Evironment Manifesto



Figuring out how to eat can seem complicated. At 18 years old, living alone, I decided to try figure a way to eat that was simple, healthy and respectful of nature. These are the results – personal findings based on 3 years of research, trial and error and intuition. Continue reading

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Atheism Is Killing Us




Perhaps it isn’t atheism specifically that’s killing us, but a lack of  spirituality in how we do things.  Continue reading

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God Wants You To Party

Indian God Rama and Sita for Dussehra festival celebration in India

God wants you to party.

Who is God?

Great Omniscient Divinity?

The Generous Ocean of Delight? Continue reading

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